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SUPERMAN FOR PEACE - Captain Fareed A. Lafta

Captain Fareed A. Lafta is an internationally recognized name in the world of extreme sports. The Iraqi national, who is currently based in Dubai, has successfully undertaken the riskiest of feats, earning the admiration of his peers around the world and considerable coverage in the most respected international media.

He has been hailed as Iraq's "Superman": a role model for the nation's youth who flies, glides, dives and races motor­cycles. He has  taken part in the first-ever skydive above Mount Everest. Subsequently, he has taken part in activities where he could challenge the air, water and space.

Raised in Baghdad, he left with his family for Dubai at the outbreak of war in 2003. There he continued a childhood passion for motorcycle racing, quickly turning professional. He also became a scuba diving instructor and started free-diving, achieving a lung-busting depth of 80 metres. He then took to the air, hang-gliding and paragliding to an international standard and gaining a comercial pilot's license.

His feats are many, including the first-ever  skydive above Mount Everest at 30000ft, first-ever free diver, first Iraqi to fly to the edge of space in a MiG 29, first qualified cosmonaut from Iraq, first Iraqi international glider, first Iraqi at the North Pole (he carried out a peace jump there in 2010), conducting a jump of peace in Iraq and Afghanistan, flying in cluster balloons for 8 hoursfor Iraqi children (2012) over USA, and flying with largest flag in the World while skydiving in Chicago-USA (2012), creating a Guinness World Record.

In all his feats, Captain Fareed has a singular mission - promote peace and greater understanding among countries and cultures. This focus has seen him emerge as a role model for Arab youth and taken him to different countries to preach the concept of unconditional peace.




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